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The hectare is a metric system unit of area that is primarily used in the measurement of farmlands. The produce-output of a farm often goes hand-in-hand with the size in hectares that it occupies.

At HKTR, we believe a similar conclusion can be drawn with your brand’s online presence. The bigger your area of reach, the better your chances of generating leads that convert into sales.

As a boutique branding and marketing agency, HKTR works closely with each of our clients to garner a personal relationship that reflects in the quality of our work.

Whether you’re looking for a new website, a revamp of your logo or a brand new corporate identity, we’ll work with you to increase your brand's hectares and turn your reach into increased sales.
Responsible Website Design

Digital Design
In the digital world we find ourselves in, it is important that you stand out from the rest - working with HKTR, you can ensure consistent and quality creative across all digital communication channels which include your website, email newsletters and all social media platforms.

Print Design
Traditional media such as print, still play an important role in many business' daily marketing activities and should most certainly not be overlooked.

HKTR can help you with the design and printing of business cards, document holders, flyers and a wide range of other print design work.

we believe in big-brand quality work,
even for smaller brands

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